First announcement and call for abstracts and expressions of interest

The International Symposium and Workshop on Cultural Property Risk Analysis is devoted to an increasingly important aspect of cultural heritage: risk assessment and loss mitigation. They are being held association with the ICOM-CC Preventive Conservation Working Group and sponsored by the Society for Risk Analysis. They will be at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Monte de Caparica, near Lisbon.  They will during the week immediately prior to the 16th Triennial meeting of ICOM-CC to reduce travel costs for anyone wishing to participate in both.

The symposium on 2011 September 14 will feature lectures and poster presentations describing risk assessment cases, technical issues and studies related to risk assessment, communication and management, and related topics. Abstracts of not more than 500 words should be submitted to before 2010 December 15. Please indicate whether the presentation will be a lecture or poster.

The two day interactive workshop on 2011 September 15-16 introduces a method of risk assessment and management based on the award winning Cultural Property Risk Analysis Model (CPRAM). Participants will gain a sound understanding of collection risk assessments, and will learn, and experience, how it is done.

At this time we are also requesting expressions of interest to help us plan for the numbers expected. Please express you interest by contacting us at: We will be happy to provide letters of invitation for those who might benefit from those.

The website for the Symposium and Workshop can be found at:

Mª Filomena Macedo, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. and Robert Waller, Protect Heritage Corp.

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