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May 2017

The Rising Risk of Flood

Victoria Palmer and Robert Waller  “Studies show that flood is the most expensive of all natural hazards, costing companies an average of US$6 billion in insured losses annually – yet most flood loss is both predictable and preventable” (FM Global, 2016). Think about your own cultural institutions and all the heritage and history it holds; Are you prepared for a disaster to occur? How do…

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May 2017

September 2017 workshop announcement

Assessing and managing risks to your collections A two-day workshop with R. Robert Waller Protect Heritage Corp. in association with the National Museum of Denmark September 1st and 2nd 2017  Workshop announcement Today, preventive conservation has become a leading theme in all fields of cultural property. Useful scientific and technical knowledge continues to grow but is often incorporated in current practice slowly, incorrectly, or not at…

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Oct 2015

Congratulations to AAMD: a new initiative to safeguard heritage

In consideration of the scale of destruction of cultural property in recent times the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) has recently published protocols for Safe Havens for Works of Cultural Significance from Countries in Crisis. These provide a guide to help cultural institutions safeguard irreplaceable artworks and archaeological treasures from damage, destruction, and looting during violent conflicts and other crises. They provide for safe…

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Mar 2014

Protect Your Collection from Adverse Environmental Conditions – Sustainably!

Are you a small institution with a mixed collection? Do you want to better understand temperature and humidity requirements for your collection? Are you committed to a sustainable future? Protect Heritage is pleased to announce the launch of a new service! Environment impacts every aspect of collection preservation. Without an organized understanding of your collection’s environmental requirements, you may be spending unnecessary energy and resources, or…

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Jan 2014

Do Museum-Hosted Events Risk the Safety of Collections?

As with many questions of heritage preservation, the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Events hosted by the museum can certainly represent a risk to collection safety. Museum professionals easily imagine and often (sadly) remember incidents related to fire, theft, physical damage, pests, and so on. However, damage to collection is often less closely tied to events than more long-term risks resulting from reduced community…

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Oct 2010

The website for Lisbon 2011 is ready

Please visit our official website for the International Symposium and Workshop on Cultural Property Risk Analysis.