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Would you like to have the awareness skills and knowledge required for cultural property risk assessment and management effectively embedded in your institution or organization?  Our existing or purpose designed workshops of 1 to 5 days are available to achieve that.

Photo copyright and courtesy of Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Photo copyright and courtesy of Denver Museum of Nature and Science

To discuss your particular situation or interests in cultural property risk analysis please contact:
Ashlea Maysenhoelder
Education and Outreach Coordinator
Protect Heritage Corp.


Upcoming Workshops & Presentations:


Hosted by: Trinity College Library, Preservation & Conservation Department
Presented by: Robert Waller, President and Senior Risk Analyst at Protect Heritage Corp., a firm dedicated to helping institutions and organizations improve heritage management.
Supported by: Trinity College Dublin, and Trinity Association and Trust
Dates: November 18 & 19, 2013
Location: North Training Room, Trinity College Library, Trinity College Dublin
Cost: €200
To register contact: by 25th October 2013

In 2014 Robert Waller will be lecturing at: the American Institute for Conservation in San Francisco, SPNHC in Cardiff, Melbourne Australia, among others.



Recent Workshops:



Assessing and managing risks to your collections: 2013 October 16 to 18, Delaware, USA. Sponsored by the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation Held at Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library.

Belgium 1Belgium 2Assessing and managing risks to your collections: 2013 June 27 to 28, Brussels, Belgium. KIK-IRPA (Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage) in collaboration with FARO (Vlaams steunpunt voor cultureel erfgoed), Monumentenwacht Vlaanderenvzw and the Royal Army and Military History Museum Koninklijk Legermuseum, Musée de l’Armée) organize a 2-day workshop on assessing and managing risks to collections, with R. Robert Waller

image001  2013 May 15 to 17,  Neuchâtel, Switzerland For further information and to register:

CulturaAssessing and managing risks to your collections. 5th International and 8th National Meeting on Recovery and Preservation of the Visual Memory, Berazategui (Buenos Aires) Argentina 2012 November 7, 8.


Assessing risks to your collections: American Institute for Conservation, Albuquerque 2012, May 8. A review of this workshop was written by Gina Watkinson and is available at AIC 40th Annual Meeting – Assessing Risks to Your Collections. Thank you Gina for that review. 


International Symposium and Workshop on Cultural Property Risk Analysis, Lisbon 2011 September 14-16.

image010Assessing and managing risks to your collections: The Natural History Museum. London, 2011 July 11,12.


Assessing and managing risks to your collections: Museum Victoria and Victorian Managed Insurance Authority, Melbourne, 2011 May 25, 26 & 27. Reviews of this workshop have been written by Catherine Lovelock, AICCM National Newsletter No. 118 July 2011, pp. 21-22, Elizabeth Hadlow, AICCM National Newsletter No. 118 July 2011, pp. 23, and Tamara Lavrencic AICCM National Newsletter No. 118 July 2011, pp. 24. We thank Catherine, Elizabeth and Tamara for their reviews.

image007Assessing risks to your collections: American Institute for Conservation in Milwaukee,  2010 May 11. A review of the workshop at the American Institute for Conservation in Milwaukee 2010 May 11 by Rachael Perkins Arenstein can be found at: AIC Annual Meeting – Assessing Risks to Your Collection Workshop with Rob Waller.  Thank you Rachael for that review.

Recent Presentations:

R. Waller, Risk Perception: Feeling and Thinking Reducing Risks to Collections, Amersfoort, The Netherlands,


 C. Hawks and R. Waller,  A tale of two systems: synergy in managing risks to people and to collections. International Symposium and Workshop on Cultural Property Risk Analysis, Lisbon, 2011 September 14-16; International Council of Museums – Committee for Conservation, 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon, 2011 September 19-23; Society for Risk Analysis 2011 Annual Meeting, Charleston, South Carolina. 2011 December 4-7; as well as at the American Institute for Conservation, Albuquerque.

J.A . Southward, H. H. Thorwald, G. Muething, and R. Waller,  Collections Risk Assessment at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science International Council of Museums – Committee for Conservation, 16th Triennial Conference, Lisbon, 2011 September 19-23.


R. Waller, 以風險分析法進行有效、永續的文物保存. Effective and sustainable preservation management through risk analysis. 2011 Museum Leadership Camp, Taichung, Taiwan. 2011 August 6-8.

R. Waller, Ensuring best preservation through risk assessment practice. National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, 2011 August 9

R. Waller, From assessment to management: Risk evaluation and mitigation.  The Natural History Museum, London, 2011 July 7.