Workshop Announcement in Leipzig November 2018

Assessing risks to your collections

Leipzig, November 10th 2018, 9:30 to 5:30

A workshop with R. Robert Waller Protect Heritage Corp. In association with SicherheitsLeitfaden Kulturgut (SiLK)

Today, preventive conservation has become a leading theme in all fields of cultural property. Useful scientific and technical knowledge continues to grow but is often incorporated in current practice slowly, incorrectly, or not at all. Despite the best intentions, professionals and institutions dealing with the preservation of cultural property may apply unrealistic standards, guidelines or lists of best practices, with no clear sense of priority, or of realistic expected benefits. With limited resources, decision makers are usually confronted with difficult choices in planning conservation strategies.

Since 2005, leading professionals in the field such as Dr. Waller, have worked on developing and disseminating a risk management approach for cultural heritage. This risk management approach, which informs and guides decision makers in many other fields, offers a sound methodology to incorporate the most recent knowledge into current practice. It allows an integrated view of all expected damages and loss to cultural property, and of their mitigation, thus providing a useful tool for the design of more efficient conservation strategies. Preservation requirements and priorities will no longer be seen as overhead costs but as sound, strategic investments. Participants learn to determine their preventive conservation priorities and how best to invest their limited funds.

This workshop is within the internationale Tagung KULTUR!GUT!SCHÜTZEN! „Sicherheit und Katastrophenschutz für Museen, Archive und Bibliotheken“ being organized by SicherheitsLeitfaden Kulturgut (SiLK). The workshop language is English and registration is open to all, whether or not attending the rest of the conference. Both the conference and workshop are planned as a part of the larger MUTEC International Trade Fair for Museum and Exhibition Technology at the Leipzig Congress Center, November 8-10, 2018.

A workshop Information brochure can be downloaded at: CPRAM workshop SiLK November 2018 FINAL

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