Posters presented

Antunes, Alexandra Risk assessment and preventive conservation program of the limestone quay “Cais das Colunas”, Lisbon, Portugal



Antunes, Alexandra Risk level assessment and buildings at risk: The case of the seaside architecture (1860-1925) of Oeiras, Portugal Antunes-AB2


Ashrafi, Manhaz Risks to intangible values in safeguarding cultural heritage Ashrafi-AB


Gonçalves, José M. F. and Tiago Miguel M. O. Esquetim Monuments, the “undiscovered” targets – an overview of security measures in the monastery of Alcobaça Gonçalves-AB


Espinosa, Monserrat del Carmen González Assessment of risks and risk mitigation proposals applied to the cultural heritage of the Huichol indigenous people of Mexico Espinosa-AB


Hawks, Catharine and Robert Waller A tale of two systems: synergy in managing risks to people and to collections Hawks-AB


Lee, Kasey and Delphine Castles Collections risk assessment at the Royal BC Museum and Archives Lee-AB


Linden, Jeremy and Kristin Smith Preservation Metrics:  A preservation analysis tool for risk analysis in preventive conservation Linden-AB


Pinheiro, Catarina and Filomena Macedo Risk Analysis applied to a Portuguese archive Pinheiro-AB


Southward, Jude; Heather Thorwald;  Garnet Muething and Robert Waller Collections risk assessment at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Southward-AB Southward
Jennifer Hain Teper Planning for disaster recovery in high-density, high-bay library storage Teper-AB Teper
Chien, Shen-Wen; Chun-Chieh Lien; Huei-Ru Sie and Yi-Ting Song Disaster risk assessment methods and response plans for cultural heritage in Taiwan Chien-AB Chien