Protect Heritage Corp. works with museums and other heritage property managers to guide them to establish rational, risk-based strategies for protecting collections.  Our goal is to ensure that preservation plans are:

– relevant – risks are determined with respect to institutional mandate and goals
– comprehensive – input is obtained from all stakeholders and relevant knowledge providers
– comprehensive – risks of all types and from all sources are considered
– rational – risks are determined as quantitatively as possible
– instrumental – risk-based preservation plans lead to concrete decisions, resource allocations, and reduced risk

We provide training in the form of 1, 2, 3, or 5 day workshops for professional associations and organizations as well as customized longer term training and coaching for institutions committed to rational preservation planning.

For more information or to discuss your situation contact:

Robert Waller, PhD, CAPC, FIIC
President and Senior Risk Analyst
Protect Heritage Corp.
622 Simoneau Way
Ottawa  ON  K4A 1P4
email: rw [at] protectheritage.com
phone: 613-883-2707 (Canada)
phone: 303-872-9739 (USA)
skype: rrwaller