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May 2017

Cultural Property Risk Analysis Symposium

A Cultural Property Risk Analysis Symposium is being planned under the auspices of the Applied Risk Management Specialty Group. Abstracts are due by 2017 May 30. For more information about this symposium contact Robert Waller, Protect Heritage Corp. Symposium abstract: Preserving cultural heritage, from ancient sculptures to contemporary art has been practiced for millennia but has only been addressed by structured risk analysis and management…

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Nov 2015

Protect Your Future

There are many popular expressions encouraging us to prepare for emergency situations to reduce their impact. As Malcolm Sparrow has well explained in his book The Character of Harms, a major challenge in loss prevention fields of any sort is ensuring continued support for investments that lower risks. The continuing outlay of resources that ensure (bad) things don’t happen seems less attractive than investing in…

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Oct 2015

Foundations of Risk Analysis

The Society for Risk Analysis invites you to take advantage of free access to a Special Virtual Issue of the Journal Risk Analysis: “Foundations of Risk Analysis.” This will be freely available through the remainder of 2015 at the Wiley Online Library site here. This special issue, edited by Terje Aven and Louis Anthony (Tony) Cox, Jr., includes 28 contributions from past issues of Risk…

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Oct 2014

World Disasters Report 2014 – Focus on Culture and Risk

Learning about multiple rationalities and risk reduction All over the world, communities live exposed to hazards and disasters. And each community has its own cultural heritage to protect. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) released its World Disasters Report 2014 – Focus on Culture and Risk on October 16. These reports, which focus on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), are a…

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Jun 2014

Is your investment in emergency preparedness growing with the challenge?

Over just the last three decades, the average annual cost of natural disasters has quadrupled. At the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Kristina Georgieva — European Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis response — reported that only 4% of spending on natural disasters is directed to preparedness. While we don’t know what the investment ratio is for heritage organizations,…

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May 2014

Cyber Attacks: The Newest Threat to Cultural Property

In the digital age, a new threat presents risks to our cultural collections. With the rise of cyber attacks, heritage protection professionals must ask new questions to ensure the safety of their collections. Is your collection’s digital data backed up and safeguarded by up-to-date security? Meticulous records and digital files can be swept away, impossible to recover or replace. Within the comprehensive Cultural Property Risk…

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Feb 2014

Monuments Men Movie on the Horizon

The upcoming film The Monuments Men, starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Cate Blanchett, features a new take on World War II heroism. An Allied platoon infiltrated Germany in the closing months of the war. Their mission? Heritage protection. Based on Robert M. Edsel’s 2009 novel by the same name, the story details the systematic theft of artwork by the Nazis and…

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Jan 2014

A Chance for You to Help Protect Our Heritage – Treasure Caretaker Training: Digital Monastery Project

You can make a difference – together we can help prevent this kind of damage and loss.     Too many pieces of our global heritage are being lost because their caretakers lack the skills and knowledge to safeguard them. The pilot initiative Treasure Caretaker Training: Digital Monastery Project will train monks and nuns in Bhutan in the proper care and digital recording of art and icons…

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Feb 2012

International Symposium on Cultural Property Risk Analysis Posters Available Now

Posters presented at the International Symposium on Cultural Property Risk Analysis are now available on line here. Papers from most presentations have been submitted for an upcoming special issue of the journal Collections.  They are now in the edit and review process. Our next risk assessment workshop open to public subscription is at the AIC Annual Meeting on June 8 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Registrations…

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