Cultural Property Risk Analysis Symposium

A Cultural Property Risk Analysis Symposium is being planned under the auspices of the Applied Risk Management Specialty Group. Abstracts are due by 2017 May 30. For more information about this symposium contact Robert Waller, Protect Heritage Corp.

Symposium abstract:

Preserving cultural heritage, from ancient sculptures to contemporary art has been practiced for millennia but has only been addressed by structured risk analysis and management methods for about two decades. Still, there are features of this practice that are of interest to all in the risk analysis and risk management communities. Cultural property risk management practices bring together risk identification, definition, assessment, evaluation, communication, and management, as well as analysis of all those aspects, in a cohesive whole. This symposium will highlight applications of risk analysis to the preservation of cultural property with emphasis on ensuring all decision-makers receive risk-based information from perspectives that enable them to make the best possible risk management decisions based on their unique capabilities for managing risks. This symposium is presented as an initiative of the SRA’s Applied Risk Management Specialty Group (ARMSG) to present an exemplary case applying risk analyses to support risk management decisions in a fascinating and important domain.